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The Glenmorangie Nectar D’or

Price: $59-70

Ouch- I didn’t buy this, it was a gift- probably wouldn’t have picked it up simply because with 5 kids that’s really hard to justify. Still had it, need to review it. This was a solid entry into the Scotch world- my only mistake was not adding a few drops of water (which unlocks many a flavor as it causes a chemical reaction). For it’s price its quality is superb, but at 46% alcohol, it has a wee bit of a burn- not all bad. I wish it was the second scotch I had because I feel like I would have enjoyed it more, I was waaaay to new at this and have to admit it was a bit wasted on me. Still, from what I remembered you could taste the quality. You knew it was good. Filled the mouth with flavor, had a good finish (from what I can tell), again, you knew you’d had Scotch. By finish I mean it had an after-presence, it wasn’t just gone; there was a lingering and pleasant taste.

Pour a shallow glass of this scotch, perhaps about 1/2 inch deep, smell it, taste a sip; then add literally maybe 5-6 drops of water and let her sit about 5 minutes. Smell and taste again; you’ll be glad you did.

I can say, apart from the price I’d heartily recommend this scotch- unless it’s your first; for your first, do yourself a favor- go for the Scotch I’ll review next. The Macallan 10 year Fine Oak.


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